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Owner's single digital gateway

Owner's gateway

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Easy to use

With your gateway, you get instant access to your account! All you need is a device (mobile/tablet/pc), a password and a username.

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No more direct communication

Due to our transparent interface, you will get all the important information related to your finances and current news of the condominium. Therefore, there will be no reason to contact the resident manager directly.

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No more misunderstandings!

Detailed and structured owner settlement! You can see the paid and payable bills of the current year, and if there is, also your interest payable.

Owner settlement - detailed settlement about finances and condominium

Owner's digital gateway in Multiház software
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Available from anywhere and anytime

Multiház is running online, from your browser! You can check your account with one click anytime, anywhere, from any device.

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Vote from home!

Protracted general meetings are over! With Multiház voting system you will be able to vote from your couch!